Dear Friends,

We are happy to welcome you, in the beautiful city of Volos, the city where another FINA major Sport Event will be hosted and we are ready to successfully fulfill the expectations of such a great event, as thrice has happened.

In 2011 held the “FINA World Men’s Water Polo Championships”, in 2012, held the “FINA World Junior Synchronized Swimming Championships” and in 2013, held the “FINA World Women’s Water Polo Championships”.
Two years later, Hellenic Swimming Federation is ready to organize in the beautiful city of Thessaly, that sites under the mountain of Centaurs, Pelion, the 11th FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championships and prove to all that Greece, has the knowledge, has the will and the determination to overcome any difficulties and prove that is ready to organize such an event.
This top event suddenly arose, very close to the competition dates and certainly it is not so easy to be fully carried out.
We are convinced, that following the organization of the three World Championships held in the city of Volos, the human potential has the know-how to hold such great events, our Federation also have executives with great experience so that to create a framework that that the 11th FINA World Women’s Junior Water Polo Championships to be completely successful.
I welcome all Delegations, FINA Family, the Referees and Spectators to the beautiful city of Volos, to attend the Games and I am convinced that the result will justify us and remain in our minds and souls as a very special and successful top event.